Vanilla RTX (Windows 10 Only)


Have you ever wanted to use raytracing in every Minecraft world? Then this texture pack could be something for you! Vanilla RTX is a vanilla based RTX texture pack with PBR support.

This pack is still under development. Not every texture will have PBR support. I will update the pack with new textures every few weeks.

Known issues:

  • The side of the grass block does not work (it’s a bug of the rendering engine)
  • The lighting of the blast furnace and the eye of ender (inside the end portal frame) doesn’t work like intended
  • The top of some grass blocks have issues with the normal map

I would really like to read your feedback about this pack! If you have any suggestions, please comment them below.


Please make sure to have the RTX beta of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition installed before you import the pack. You will also need at least an RTX 2060 GPU to use this pack.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)
RTX Beta



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