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Have you ever played Volleyball ? Discover now the new game! Hit the ball and do not drop it on your court. Make the most points to win the match ! The game can be played up to 2 against 2 and on 3 playgrounds ! Challenge your friends and have fun !

# How to play ?

There are two teams in different fields. The goal is to throw the ball into the other field over the net. If the opponent cannot catch it and it falls to the ground, you win a point. But be careful not to drop the ball on your area! Games are calculated on 6 points.

You can play up to 2 against 2 on 3 ground. There can be a total of 12 players who can play simultaneously !

# Credits

Creator : Startpoul, InstagramYouTube

Builders : lolichoco19, GnouPetiteLea, Startpoul  

Testers : sam0312, xXMariaKawaiiXx, Gofinmassim1


Supported Minecraft versions


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