Voltron Legendary Defender Skin Bundle


Attention, all Paladins or Rebels! It’s time to start your own adventure as one of the paladins themselves or even three others included in this pack!

Note: This pack is a fanmade skin pack for the Netflix/Dreamworks Series Voltron Legendary Defender.

With this skin pack, you can play as the 15 characters you can choose to begin your adventures in the galaxy or at least try to survive in the world of minecraft.

This skin pack is ideal for people who want to change skin quickly and who want a skin pack with a mix of skins. 

If there are any bug or something else write it in the comment and if you have an idea for the next update write it.

The pack includes 13 custom skins along with two bonus skins:

  • Princess Allura/ Pink Paladin Allura
  • Takashi Shirogane/ Black Paladin Shiro
  • Keith Kogane/ Red Paladin Keith
  • Lance Mclane/ Blue Paladin Lance
  • Pidge Gunderson(Katie Holt)/ Green Paladin Pidge
  • Hunk Garrett/ Yellow Paladin Hunk

The bonus skins include:

  • Voltron Robot
  • Coran
  • Rebel Matt Holt

New skins added:

  • Romelle
  • Zarkon
  • Haggar
  • Lotor

MnM(Monsters and Mana) Pack Includes:

  • Valayun (Allura)
  • Gyro (Shiro)
  • Block (Hunk)
  • Meklavar (Pidge)
  • Pike (Lance)
  • Dakin (Coran)

If this pack becomes popular enough or I get enough requests I will add a pack that has more characters to choose from.

ewAllura Casual/Pink Paladin

Shiro Casual/Black Paladin

Keith Casual/Red Paladin

Lance Casual/Blue Paladin

Hunk Casual/Yellow Paladin

Pidge Casual/Green Paladin

Bonus Characters Include:

Voltron Robot, Coran, Matt Holt

Added the zip files to the MnM pack along with the zip file for The Paladins

took off the normal zip files and just added the mediafire files instead.

Took off the Galaxy Garrison skin pack for the skins for those ones where glitching to severly after some gameplay. Sorry!

Had to update the skin pack cause some of the outfit was glitching.

Added a brand new pack to the collection so everyone can have the crew in their younger days back when they where in the Galaxy Garrison.

Added a link to the xbox one installation process so people don’t get confused on how to download the pack onto their xbox accounts.

Edited the skins for the Monsters and Mana pack, Added new characters, switched around some coding and some skins, edited the information.

Have added new skins. Edited some message issues. Fixed all the coding so all the characters can load into the game. Also edited the characters so theres no longer any blacked spots.

Changed coding, added skins to the pack, added photos of the skins, explained the new characters and added their names above where the picture is located.

Changed the coding and made the links a slight bit easier to download.

Had to change the zip files coding since people where having struggles downloading it before.

Added better links for better access to the skin packs along with edited some of the coding for the packs.

Updated the skin packs and adjusted some of the coding for better download ability.

Made it easier for people to download the skin packs.

Changed all the photos to the skins and what they would look like in game. Also updated the links to download the packs aswell.

Updated the pictured to be a bit more clear and made some adjustments to the skins included in both of the packs.

Gave more detail about what the pack includes along with a list of all the characters included. Also added the process of how to download the skin pack to xbox one.

Changed the featured photo and gave more information on the skin pack along with what the skin pack included, the characters, along with adding where the show is from.

Updated the featured photo and added new photos of each skin of what’s included in the pack.



1. Click on the download button on the skin pack

2. Find the Skin pack in your folders

3. Click on it

4. enjoy playing 🙂

Xbox one download installation:


Supported Minecraft versions


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