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Need to prepare for the apocalypse?

Fear not, as this addon will give you all the necessities needed to survive. From various pieces of military grade equipment to exquisite healing items and brand new foods such as chocolate! Who doesn’t want chocolate in Minecraft?

Features include:

4 pieces of Custom Armour

5+ Melee weapons and a Military Shovel

Various foodstuffs such as canned foods, an energy drink, chocolate and a very filling MRE

Technical equipment

Various Supplies

And Useful healing items such as IV bags, Blood bags and a sleek healing syringe (retextured golden apples)

NOTE: Although some of the items have uses, other items such as scrap, chemicals, leftover military supplies, flat batteries, vials, cure and such currently have no use to them as this addon is still work in progress. In the future I plan these items to have a use for crafting the new weapons which are currently only obtainable via commands, same goes for all the new items except the syringe and armours.


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