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Weston City v0.1 – [Ported from Java to Bedrock] – MCPE AddOns

Do you desire a city with authentic structures, a wide range of attractions, and even a roleplaying game or two? There are numerous equipped buildings, fantastic roads, and this is merely the beginning of a large city:D

Cre: Raycka13• (Youtube, Twitter)

Weston City Map

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You might find Steve’s heads in this world because TheBuildingDuck and his team utilized them with custom textures as decoration, however the Bedrock version doesn’t support this. This world was created in Java and converted to Bedrock by them.

Weston City’s initial release can now be downloaded. pertaining to Java & Bedrock Edition. From episode 1 to episode 49 of TheBuildingDuck’s YouTube series, all of the builds are represented on this map (link can be found further below).

Do you want to view the map in your browser or, after downloading, are you unable to navigate your way around the map? To view the map online, use this link:
Not all of the information seen on the online map has been included in the global file (areas such as the mountains and large parts of the forest). This will reduce the file size.

Some Minecraft Bedrock Maps you can check in

Picture that were taken on Bedrock Edition (with RTX)

Render that were made on java edition

This version of Weston City includes:

✶An airport (not completed)
✶A cinema
✶History museum (not completed) and modern art museum
✶An American Football stadium (not completed)
✶An IKEA (not completed)
✶A train station (not completed)
✶A sports center
✶A casino (not completed)
✶High school (not completed)
✶Elementary school
And more!

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You can follow the progress on TheBuildingDuck’s YouTube channel:

I (Raycka13) don’t own the world nor built it. I ask TheBuildingDuck’s permission to upload the world on Mcpedl and so give him more visibility 🙂

TheBuildingDuck’s Permission

Weston City

A new city emerged from the old one! (TheBuildingDuck and his team have made some great work) 😀

Weston City

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