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What Super Nintendo World Is Like–And How Miyamoto Helped Build It

It’s no secret that the Super Nintendo World theme park, set to open at Universal Studios Japan in the near future, has been highly-anticipated by video game fans and tourists alike. And now, thanks to designer Shigeru Miyamoto, we have a better understanding of what to expect from the highly-anticipated park.

Miyamoto recently offered a virtual tour of the park, giving fans a full rundown of what to expect. The tour showcases a number of colorful attractions, including recreations of classic Super Mario levels and Kirby-inspired areas, as well as an interactive Mario Kart experience. What’s more, visitors will also be able to visit iconic locations such as Bowser’s Castle, Peach’s Castle, and even Toad’s House.

There are also plenty of whimsical features to explore, such as a wall of 1-UP mushrooms and a “Coin Heaven” fountain, where visitors can collect coins that appear in the classic Mario games. There will be plenty of food and beverage options for visitors, as well, ranging from iconic themed restaurants like Yoshi’s Dining Place to pink-hued cafés.

Despite all the creative attractions, it’s Miyamoto’s own dedication to the park that has been the main source of much of the enjoyment. Miyamoto has openly shared his sentiments and enthusiasm for the project, recounting the deeply personal moments and memories that have brought him joy during the development of the park.

From rocket ships and flying jellyfish to the “Plus” banners and buildings, Miyamoto certainly has left his own signature mark on the park by pushing the boundaries of creativity, and design to give visitors a truly magical experience.

In short, Super Nintendo World promises to be a truly unique and amazing place. From its interactive attractions to its classic themed restaurants, visitors can look forward to a vibrant, colorful world where they can let their imaginations run wild. With Miyamoto at the helm, it’s an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

What Super Nintendo World Is Like–And How Miyamoto Helped Build It

It’s finally here! Universal Studios Japan has opened its much-anticipated Super Nintendo World theme park, and hungry gamers and Nintendo fans can finally experience the Mario-themed attraction in person.

What Is Super Nintendo World?

Super Nintendo World is a section of the Universal Studios Japan theme park in Osaka, located near the New Fantasyland area. Visitors can expect to get a Mario Kart-style experience, with a number of themed rides, the Mario Kart Koopa’s Challenge attraction, a store, and restaurants.

What Features Does it Have?

Super Nintendo World has many charming features for visitors to explore. Here are just a few:

  • AR glasses: You can rent AR glasses to play interactive activities.
  • Magnetic wrist straps: You can also wear magnetic wrist straps with your gaming avatar that will be tracked as you explore the park.
  • Mario Kart Koopa’s Challenge: Take on Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings in a Mario Kart-themed mini-adventure.
  • A-coin shop:Stop by the A-coin shop to purchase virtual coins throughout the park that can be used to participate in activities, buy items, and compete against others.
  • Character Meet and Greets: Get a chance to meet your favorite characters like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and more.
  • Retail Shops: Browse the Super Nintendo World shops to pick up souvenirs, snacks, and collectibles.

How Did Miyamoto Help to Create Super Nintendo World?

Legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of the Mario franchise, was deeply involved in the creation of Super Nintendo World. Miyamoto helped to plan the specifics of the attractions and oversee the design process to make sure it stayed true to the spirit of the Mario series. He has stated that he made sure that every little detail was taken into account, from the types of sounds to the little windows on the buildings.


Super Nintendo World is an exciting and immersive experience for visitors, where they can get lost in the wonderful Nintendo world and enjoy all the incredible features. With the help of the master game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, Super Nintendo World is sure to provide visitors with an unforgettable experience.

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