Why Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Tera Raid Greninja is Unlikely to Have Battle Bond

With the recent release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, many fans of the iconic series have been waiting eagerly to see if the newest iteration of tera raid Greninja would feature the highly anticipated battle bond mechanic. Unfortunately, the odds are stacked against the fan’s dreams, as it is highly unlikely that the tera raid Greninja will possess the mechanic.

Battle bond is a mechanic that allows certain Pokémon to bond with their trainers during battle. This bond increases the Pokémon’s strength, enabling them to evolve and become more powerful. This highly sought-after feature has been included in many other Pokémon games including Gigantamaxing and Dynamaxing, however its inclusion in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s tera raid Greninja appears unlikely.

One of the reasons for this is the limited scope of the tera raid. It is designed to be quick and efficient and thus, there is limited scope for the inclusion of an additional mechanic such as battle bond. Furthermore, due to the nature of the tera raid, it could be argued that battle bond is not essential as the team’s Pokémon are likely to be significantly stronger after the raid is completed.

Also, the tera raid Greninja is already immensely powerful making it difficult to justify adding an additional mechanic such as battle bond. In fact, many argue that adding such a powerful feature would be detrimental to the game, as it could potentially unbalance the game’s mechanics.

Given the above, it appears unlikely that tera raid Greninja will feature battle bond. Instead, the Pokémon will remain as it is; a powerful force of destruction in its own right. While disappointed fans may never be able to experience the full power of a battle bond Greninja, the tera raid will remain an exciting and exhilarating event regardless.

The Battle Bond of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Tera Raid Greninja

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Tera Raid Greninja is a powerful Pokemon, but it’s unlikely to ever have the battle bond feature due to the unique and complex mechanics of the game. Here we’ll take a look at why that is:

What is the battle bond?

The battle bond feature was first introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon, allowing Trainers to use the Z-Ring to unlock new abilities in certain Pokemon. When a Trainer and Pokemon build a strong relationship and perform a powerful move at the same time, the bond between them strengthens, allowing the Pokemon to unlock powerful moves known as Z-Moves.

Why is it unlikely for Tera Raid Greninja to have it?

  • Its form: The Tera Raid Greninja form is unique in the game, as it can only be obtained when a Trainer has the power of four separate Greninjas. This is different from ordinary Greninjas which can be built by two Greninjas working together.
  • Its stats: The Tera Raid Greninja has significantly higher stats than regular Greninjas, making it difficult to balance it with the other Pokemon in the game. Because of this, the battle bond is not realistically feasible.
  • Limited resources: Developing and implementing the battle bond feature would take substantial resources, and the developers may not feel that the benefit of doing so is worth the amount of man-power and money needed.


In conclusion, for the reasons outlined above, it is unlikely that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Tera Raid Greninja will ever have the battle bond feature. The uniqueness of the form and its high stats make it difficult to balance with other Pokemon, and the development of the feature would require a lot of resources that the developers may or may not want to invest.

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