Windows 10’s Sticky Notes to launch on Android, will sync with PC


Sticky Notes is a feature that has been built into Windows for a long time, but it’s not very popular. Basically, you can jot down quick notes and save them as “sticky notes” on the screen. With Windows 10, Sticky Notes got a much-needed revamp. They’re much faster and have a nice clean, modern design. You may actually want to use it now, especially since Android integration could be coming soon.

According to a report from, Microsoft is working on a Sticky Notes app for mobile devices. They hope to launch an Android (and iOS) app this year with the ability to sync notes across devices. So notes from your PC and phone will sync and live together in the cloud. This is not exactly a novel concept. There are literally hundreds of apps that can do this, but for Windows users, this can be a native solution.

Before the Android app happens, Microsoft is planning a big update for the Windows app. Sticky Notes will get a dark theme, new formatting bar, new animation, and improved performance. Since the mobile apps are planned for this year, the Windows update should be coming very soon. Again, this is not a groundbreaking feature by any stretch, but it’s always nice to have more native desktop-to-mobile integration. Microsoft wants Windows to be the desktop platform of choice for Android users. Little integrations like that can go a long way towards making a complete experience.

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