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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Weapon Tier List

Over the past few months, online gamers have been abuzz with the launch of “Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty”, an immersive, turn-based tactics strategy game. Players are put in charge of leading a team of heroes into battle against an endless horde of monsters, while utilizing powerful weapons and armor to aid their efforts.

However, with the growing number of weapons available in the game, it can be difficult to determine which are the best for any given situation. This is why we have put together a comprehensive tier list for the weapons found in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. We have compiled ratings for each weapon based on several criteria, including damage output, range, elemental effects, and more.

S Tier – These weapons are considered the best of the best. They have the highest overall damage output and can be used in almost any situation. Examples include the Dragon Breath Cannon, the Heavenly Strike Bow, and the Omni-Blade.

A Tier – These are decent weapons that are useful in a number of circumstances, but they do not do as much damage as the S Tier weapons. Examples include the Celestial Cornucopia, the Silver Spear, and the Serpent Staff.

B Tier – These weapons are adequate, but lack the damage output of the higher tiers. Examples include the Divine Dagger, the Tiger Claw Gauntlet, and the Wind Sword.

C Tier – These weapons will get the job done, but they may not be the most effective in every situation. Examples include the Demon Hammer, the Shadow Axe, and the Thunder Mace.

D Tier – These are the weakest weapons in the game, and should be avoided if possible. Examples include the Iron Flail, the Jade Mace, and the Staff of Decay.

Using this tier list, players can make an informed decision about which weapon is the optimal choice for any given situation. With a little practice and experience, players will be able to maximize their teams’ potential and emerge victorious from any battle.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Weapon Tier List

Wo Long is an MMORPG that offers players an expansive world of martial arts empires and excitement. The weapon tier list for this brutal online game is a must-read for any player hoping to make their way up the leaderboard. With multiple types of weapons and different weapon upgrades, there is a tier for every type of combat style.

Weapon Tier List Overview

The weapon tier list for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty varies from S to D, S being the highest-rated weapon, and D the lowest. Each grade is based on the weapon’s strength, speed, and agility, with each having its own set of strengths and weaknesses.

S Tier Weapons

  • Joyous Flail: This S-tier weapon is a powerful melee weapon with high attack power and solid durabilty.
  • Blackfinger Blade: This sword is the most agile weapon in the game. Its quick attacks and parry abilities ensure a fast and safe duel.
  • Skybolt Crossbow: Ranked as one of the best ranged weapons in the game, the Skybolt Crossbow can fire quick volleys of arrows without sacrificing accuracy.

A Tier Weapons

  • Blitzhammer: This weapon is designed to stun enemies with its wide range of attacks. Its versatility makes it a popular choice amongst players.
  • Razor Edge Longsword: Known as a great all-around weapon, the Razor Edge Longsword is both fast and agile, with a long range and high attack power.
  • Tin Sceptre Boomerang: This boomerang is one of the most effective and versatile weapons for both close and long-range battles.

B Tier Weapons

  • Tiger Claw: The Tiger Claw is known for its quick attacks, damaging combos, and flexible reach. It’s the perfect for mid-range combat.
  • Trinity Staff: The Trinity Staff is designed for magic users who need a weapon with quick casting time and low mana consumption.
  • Crow Crossbow: This bow is effective against both stationary and moving targets with its quick fire and high accuracy.

C Tier Weapons

  • Spear of the Rising Sun: This weapon is designed for those who like to play aggressively. It offers powerful attacks and decent agility.
  • Bull Whip: The Bull Whip is suitable for beginner players due to its wide range of attack options and low power.
  • Dragonfly Dart: This ranged weapon fires quickly with high accuracy, making it a great weapon for long-range battles.

D Tier Weapons

  • Viper Claw: This D-tier weapon does not offer much in the way of attack power or speed. It’s best used for basic strikes and as a backup weapon.
  • Iron Shell Boomerang: Due to its low speed and power, the Iron Shell Boomerang is best used at close range and against stationary targets.
  • Earth Flinger Bow: This bow is slow with low accuracy, making it best suited for long-range battles against stationary targets.

Now that you have the weapons tier list, be sure to keep practicing and become a master of the game!

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