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Welcome to the world of Woody’s Fossils, explore Minecraft with extinct creatures! Starting with the Dodo, you can find them in ice biomes and taiga. They drop feathers and meat and are cute little critters…

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The dodos in this addon have a cartoon style and are icy blue to replicate an ice age. Of course this isn’t realistic, but it’s Minecraft, so it is all about the fun!

Dodo spawn eggs can be found in the creative inventory…

Dodos can also be found around ice and taiga biomes, as you can see in the pictures below, they have an icy cartoon texture, they are curious little creatures, and will add loads of fun to your world!

Here we have an adult dodo protecting its nest – an egg and a chick! Dodos lay eggs every 5-10 minutes, the eggs can be used just like the normal Minecraft chicken eggs.

Dodos love ice skating! They are very social creatures and follow each other around, they are most common in ice biomes.

Poor thing, it’s all alone!

Please enjoy this addon, there’s lots more to come, including Dinosaurs and other extinct creatures!!!

To install, follow the link and after 5 seconds it will redirect you to the download page.

You may NOT use any part of this addon in other projects.

Please also give credit when sharing a video on YouTube, and a link to this page on mcpedl.

Updated download link, more detailed description, dodos now spawn in taiga biome as well as ice, and they are rarer than they were previously.


Follow the link that will take you to adfly page, this will then redirect after 5 seconds to the download page. Open the downloaded file and it will automatically install!


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