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The world of racing is made by Impetus and RenzoTv. It’s a massive circular racing track with all of real life’s features. It can offer you a far better experience if you add a vehicle add-on.

Creators: RenzoTv & Impetus




You can use this map as an idea for a look for a server & have fun with your friends. You can copy everything as long as you give me some of the credits for our creation.

The map was created in Minecraft PE, it is not created in java.


The race track has a starting line and finish line.

The track is hundreds of blocks long from start to finish.

The team boot is inside of the track. The entrance is at the starting point.

The spawn area is in the curvature of the build.

The audiences’ seat or viewing place is scattered throughout the rim of the build.

Check Out Our Videos For More Details.




Add-on used on the screenshot:

You can download some car add-on just visit the site of the mcpedl. 

This world is made to make fun or have fun with friends/love ones by playing se racing. And some youtubers can use our world to make a content into this world we made. 

Feel free to download our world to have more better experience at racing! 

To bring joy and to be more informative to the world. 

To have a better experience to the world and to be more informative on the World we made in the description. 

We’ve updated our description to be more informative of the world.


For IOS devices download the McWorld file and it will directly go to your Minecraft App.

For Android users you can download both the Zip file and the McWorld file.


Supported Minecraft versions


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