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World Wild Animals Addon – MCPE AddOns

In recent years, the popularity of mobile gaming has grown exponentially. With the release of Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) players were able to enjoy the iconic game on the go. With its expansive world and expansive modding options, one of the most popular add-ons players use to enhance their gaming experience is the World Wild Animals Addon for MCPE AddOns.

The World Wild Animal Addon is a free add-on for MCPE AddOns that adds a variety of animals from around the world to the game. Players can find and spawn these animals within the game, allowing them to domesticate and protect them from dangerous mobs and other creatures. The Addon also comes with new biome types, such as snow, desert, and jungle. These biomes are packed with a variety of wildlife and provide a realistic experience for MCPE players.

In addition to being able to observe wildlife in their game, players can also utilize the Addon to participate in a variety of activities such as hunting and fishing. Players are also able to tame and keep animals as pets, providing a unique way to interact with the environment. With the update’s realistic textures and 3D models, players can almost forget they’re playing a game and immerse themselves in the natural world MCPE AddOns has to offer.

The World Wild Animal Addon for MCPE is an excellent update for any lover of the wild and offers a unique experience to gamers of all ages. With its realistic biomes, activities, and animal models, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. With its practical and entertaining applications, the World Wild Animal Addon for MCPE is sure to liven up anyone’s next gaming session.


Added oasis

new cactus grass

added tree structure

added dead tree structure

added badlands temple

World Wild Animals Addon
World Wild Animals Addon
World Wild Animals Addon
World Wild Animals Addon


road runner

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drops road runna feather

breedable with wheat seeds

when you are near a road runner it gives you a speed effect

avoid big water sources

sometimes fly around

hunts rattle snake and rabbits

World Wild Animals Addon

Tiger rattle snake

  • Drops rattle item
  • Attacks roadrunners  fennec
  • Will warn and rattle if in danger
  • Attacks with poison
  • Rattle item can be brew into poison potion


  • Hunts jerboa and rabbits
  • Breedable with beef


  • You can give it a tiger rattle snake rattle and will start to dig and trow at you a item that it finds in the sand
  • Breedable with carrot
  • Is scared of most mobs
  • Drops meat that can be eated
World Wild Animals Addon

Fire ants

  • are neutral
  • spawns in colonie blocks
  • tempt with acacia leaf
  • avoids meerkat
  • will pick up grass and go back to its main colonie
  • added ant colonie blocks
  • when charged you can shear it and get a larvea
  • you can craft a new colonie block with a larvea and two ant blocks
  • when breeaking  a queen spawns
  • added new ant blocks

Sulcata turtle

  • are passive
  • bred with flowers
  • when attacked it will turn into a defence mode
  • drops turtle scute
  • can be brew into turtle master
World Wild Animals Addon

Bark scorpion

  • are aggressive
  • can be bred with spider eye when calmed down
  • can be calmed down with jerboa
World Wild Animals Addon


  • can be tamed with apple
  • can be ride and saddled
  • can be bred with carrots
  • spawns in groups
World Wild Animals Addon


  • bred with wheat
  • eats fire ants
  • drops meat
World Wild Animals Addon


  • bred with wheat
  • eats fire ants
  • drops meat
World Wild Animals Addon


  • health 40
  • damage 6
  • tigers are Always on the way to hunt something
  • tigers hunt pigs, cows, chickens, cassowarys, sheeps, red pandas, and baby gorillas
  • when a player walks to near to a tiger the tiger will start attacking and maybe kill the player
  • u can feed a baby tiger with beef
  • tigers will eat all meat items that are on the ground
World Wild Animals Addon

Bumblebee shrimp 

  • lives underwater in warm biomes
  • will avoid players
  • will swim in groups
  • a player can pick up the shrimp with a water bucket
World Wild Animals Addon

Red panda 

  • spawns in Jungle biomes and bamboo forests
  • breedable with bamboo
  • u will often see red pandas plant a bamboo sapling randomly
  • will avoid tigers
  • will randomly sit
World Wild Animals Addon


  • spawns in jungle biomes
  • will randomly fly around and maybe sit on trees
  • will follow mobs
  • drops feather
World Wild Animals Addon


  • health 40
  • attack damage 11
  • spawns in all jungle biomes in groups
  • breedable with melons
  • there is a male and a female Version
  • males are more aggressive and also attack other males
  • males will also start attacking the player if being to near to the group
  • females are less aggressive than males
  • gorillas will search for melon blocks and eat them
  • gorillas will attack pillagers ocelot, tigers, irongolems, and monster
  • will randomly sit
World Wild Animals Addon

Capuchin monkey 

  • breedable with melons
  • can climb walls

Wild capuchin monkey: 

  • will avoid tigers
  • health 6
  • spawn in all jungle biomes
  • tamable with sweet berries

Tamed capuchin monkey 

  • health 20
  • damage 2
  • will follow its owner
  • sittable
  • breedable with melons
  • will defend its owner
World Wild Animals Addon


  • health 25
  • damage 6
  • will attack players that are not sneaking
  • breedable with melons
  • drops chicken and leather
  • makes booming sounds
  • on bred it will lay cassowary eggs

Cendrawasih (event winner) 

  • spawns in jungle biomes
  • when in love they will dance
  • can be bred with seeds
  • will follow mobs around
World Wild Animals Addon


  • spawns in jungle biome 
  • flies around 
World Wild Animals Addon

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