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YamaRin’s Legacy Renewed

YamaRin’s Legacy Renewed is a re-imagined version of YamaRin’s Legacy for Minecraft Bedrock Edition that aims to be as realistic as possible. Beautiful cirrus clouds, reflections on metallic blocks, smooth stones, water, and other reflecting blocks are just a few of the characteristics that will be added to your game. SEUS Renewed influences the clouds, while Chocapic13′ Shaders influences the tone mapping.

Cre: YamaRin Skylec (Youtube, Twitter)

YamaRin’s Legacy Renewed


On iron blocks, reflections






  • Shadows
  • Cirrus clouds are present.
  • Water, vegetation, and crops are all affected by the waves.
  • Water reflections, metallic blocks, and other reflecting elements
  • Torch light has been improved
  • Colors of the sun and moon, with nighttime desaturation
  • When it rains, there are puddles.
  • Tone mapping is a technique for determining the tone of
  • The sun and moon were created using shaders.

Some shaders you can like in https://aadhu.com.com:


This shader pack has three different qualities: LITE, REGULAR, and MAXIMUM! By adjusting the resource pack’s setting, you can switch to those attributes. Remember to restart the game after changing the quality!

Platforms that are supported

  • Android
  • iPad OS (iOS)
  • x86 version of the game on Windows 10, 11 (critical note: all shaders do not work in 1.16.200 or later x64 game versions because the Render Dragon, a new graphic engine implemented in those versions, is not supported (and also Windows 11 is experimental but I am confident it will work).

Server for Discord

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Universal Creative Commons Zero v1.0

YamaRin's Legacy Renewed
YamaRin's Legacy Renewed

Download YamaRin’s Legacy Renewed

Download YamaRin’s Legacy Renewed (Drive)

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