You can now watch Netflix on the Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max


Google Assistant Smart Displays are great for getting visuals that aren’t possible on audio-only smart speakers. But smart displays aren’t only for viewing typical Google Assistant commands and routines. They can also be used similarly to any Chromecast-enabled display. One service that has been notably absent, however, is Netflix. That’s finally changing.

The Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max can do a lot of handy things with their displays. You can view Google Photos slideshows, make and receive Google Duo video calls, check-in on connected security cameras, and more. They can also be used for watching media streaming services like YouTube. Netflix has been missing, though, and now it’s officially available for both Smart Displays.

Currently, Netflix is limited to the Nest-branded Smart Displays, so it won’t work on devices like the Lenovo Smart Display. To set it up on your display you can go to the settings in the Google Home app and link your Netflix account under the “Videos and Photos” section. From there you can simply use voice commands to start playing a specific show or movie. You can also bring up a browsing interface and use the touchscreen by saying “Hey Google, open Netflix.”

Google mentions there are a number of other streaming services available on Nest smart displays. Netflix, NBC Peacock, and HBO Max are some of the newer additions, but there’s also Disney+, CBS All Access, Sling TV, Hulu, SHOWTIME, and many more. Not all of these can be initiated with voice commands, but you can use the cast button to send content to the display.

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