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Whats this?!

Just like the name says it, it’s an addon which adds the well known Youtubers but these are the evil side of the Youtubers, they’re not the friendly Youtubers, so download this at your own risk

Everything you can or need to know about their evil side

ErrorbossGR (Evil side of GunnerbossGR) “hold up?!*


Health: 800

Attack 8

Applies effect: Wither for 3 seconds

Spawn:mostly at forest


Darkiplier (Evil side of Markiplier)

Health: 800

Attack: 8

Applies effect: Weakness for 4 seconds

Spawn: it’s random at overworld


Antisepticeye (Evil side of Jacksepticeye)

Health: 800

Attack: 8 (can do a little more with knife)

Applies effect: Slowness for 4 seconds

Spawn:mostly at forest

He is a little fast than the others


MadPat (not sure if it’s indeed his evil side)

Health: 800

Attack: 8

Applies effect: None

Spawn: it’s random


WARNING:Their skins are taken from Nova skin so credits to the original creators of these skins except the first one!

Reminder:If it happen to know more well known Youtubers (like Mark, Jack etc) let me know and they will be added but ONLY if they do have an evil side!


You must have EXPERIMENTAL mode active when you create a new world and active both Resource and behavior pack, if this dont work don’t worry just delete it and re install it, if this doesn’t work either then your device or Minecraft has problems!!!


Supported Minecraft versions


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