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Zephyx Shaders Shader Mincraft PE

Zephyx Shaders! All of the textures were created by myself, so don’t copy them! The following are the features: – Analogous Sun and Moon – Realistic Lighting-Realistic Water -Shadows with the following devices: – Huawei Matepad (Processor: Huawei Kirin 810) Screenshots will be included in the description! :DD

Cre: Zephyx (Youtube, Twitter)

Zephyx Shaders Feature 

Some screenshots reflect feature this shader from Mcpeaddons.com:

Zephyx Shaders

More shaders are waiting you explore:

  • OverWorld Shaders v0.5 the SKY UPDATE
  • Logical Misty Shaders
  • Fused Vanilla Shader VLight-The Final Update
Zephyx Shaders

Download Zephyx shader (Support Creator)

Download Zephyx shader (Drive)

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